The affordable modular system for your secondary placements and promotions

With the innovative smart display, you can now present products that are traditionally difficult to advertise much easier and cheaper. This is achieved through the flexible modular system: the display can be set up in seconds and all accessories can be combined, exchanged and expanded. In addition, all your usual packaging and equipment fits on the ¼ pallet display – up to a load of 130kg. This means you can offer short-term and flexible advertisements at an unbeatable price and also focus on new product categories (e.g. own brands).

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Sales of Excess Inventory

Fruits and Vegetables


Bakery Products


For the Outside Area


Stairway Ensemble


Our attachments ensure the optimal presentation of goods. You can choose from transparent baskets (e.g. for nuts or small remnants), metal grid (e.g. for chips, melons) for mainly loose goods, or the slants for lying goods (in a steep version e.g. for baguettes, in a flat version for e.g. packed fruit). A larger variety of products can be placed well-organized in the stackable shelf attachments. The flower tub catches water and dirt.

The Smart Display can be assembled in a matter of seconds and will meet your changing needs.

Smart-Display Aufsatz

Mettal Grid

  • Ideal location: Outside and interior area
  • Ideal application: Wine; promotions; heavy and loose products, such as melons or organges

Cristal Tray

  • Ideal location: Interior area
  • Ideal applications: Crisps, sweets, packed bakery products (e.g. gingerbread)

Slope, wide

  • Ideal location: Cashier area and hallways
  • Ideal application: Crates or cardboard goods, e.g. for offer of the week, such as strawberries (in crates) or chocolates

Slope, narrow

  • Ideal location: in the store entrance, fruit and vegetables
  • Ideal application: as a flexible shelf for fruits and vegetables in crates; especially effective as an stairway ensemble using the different sizes of the Smart Displays.

Crystal shelf – stackable

  • Ideal location: Cosmetics / Personal Care departments
  • Ideal application: Shampoo, sunscreen, etc.


  • Ideal location: Bread or promotional area
  • Ideal use: packed baguettes (wrapped in paper or plastic)

Flower Tray

  • Ideal location: Outside or interior area
  • Ideal application: as a stairway ensemble for all types of flowers; for the outside area especially practical on the Smart Displays with rolls

Nut Tray with Divider

  • Ideal location: interior area
  • Ideal application: loose walnuts or chestnuts; prepackaged nuts

Promotion Sheets

The push-in Promotion Sheets give you a completely new flexibility for your advertisements – especially for special promotions, the sale of seasonal products (e.g. flowers on Valentine’s Day), remaining stock, or to highlight your own brand. We offer push-in Promotion Sheets as standard and prepared for the most important themes.

Smartdisplay Einschieber

The exchangeable Promotion Sheets for the 75 cm high Smart Displays can be printed double-sided with individually selected motivs. For instance, you could print a Valentines Day motive on one side, and a house brand logo on the other side.


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