What we do

At Surplus Systems Retail, we have the vision to massively reduce the costs and resources of our customers in retail through modular and reusable concepts.

We have specialized in the development and manufacture of sustainable and (cost) efficient plastic products. The product portfolio is divided into shop equipment for product presentation and reusable folding boxes for resale to end users and commercial use. Both product groups are offered in combinable and standardized systems.

With can provide the experience of tens of millions of units and production facilities sold in Germany, Italy and Turkey. Through our automated infrastructure, we have reliably carried out large and small orders worldwide and are able to deliver consistently and high quality.

Who we are

Surplus Systems-Retail GmbH, spun off from Surplus Systems GmbH (since 2009), is an owner-managed, medium-sized company based in Bonn.

We bring together former managing directors of the largest industrial companies (e.g. shop fitting and pooling) with a retail focus and the former top management of technology companies. The result is an innovative idea full of ideas and practical relevance.
As absolute retail experts, we know exactly what adjustments we can make to make our customers even more successful. That is why we are all about maximum flexibility for our trading partners and their customers.
This can be seen in our product portfolio and our service.

We look forward to working with you.